HMIL - Jet Pack Featured on ASU Website!


Today ASU Research Matters released the newest video covering a test of the ultra light, thrust producing, running augmentation device called the JET PACK.  Go to Matters or watch the clip below!

HMIL - Featured on the Discovery Channel


Thats Right! We recently finished filming a segment for the Discovery Channel. Check back soon for more details on the up coming episode. 


HMIL - Develops New Jet Pack to Augment Human Capabilities


Researchers Thomas Sugar Phd. and Jason Kerestes have developed a "Jet Pack" to assist in human locamotion. The device is still in early testing, however it has already demonstrated dramatic improvements to test subjects abilities.

HMIL - Demonstrates Metabolic Augmentation @ ARL


Data has just come in! The most recent tests at the Army Ressearch Laboratory at Aberdeen Prooving Grounds comfirms ASU's newest device effectively reduces the metabolic cost for running at high speeds. The device, coined "Air Legs" because of its utelization of pnuematic cylinders at the back of the thigh, proved its capabilities during human subject testing at ARL, demonstrating over a 10% reduction in metabolic cost for high speed running when compared to NO DEVICE AT ALL.