Our team has extensive experience with Unmanned Ariel Vehicles, in particular Multirotors. We prefer using OpenPiolt or 3DR’s PixHawk controller. From 250 class FPV racers to heavily lift cinematic Octos we’ve built them, crashed, and re-built them.    

Tick-Tac-Toe Machine


As a fun demo concept we deiced to put our 3 axis Cartesian machine to work. Austin devolved an unbeatable Tick-Tack-Toe algorithm to challenge all of the curious kids out there. Its works by using a dry erase board, a marker, and a camera to recognized the opponents moves. Its first lays out the grid and gives the opponent the […]

Pogo Suit


The Pogo Suit was another military project. The goal of the projects was to decrease the metabolic cost of carrying a heavy infantry man’s load, around 70-120 lbs. The way the Pogo Suit does this is by oscillating the load up and down at just the right time. We use an inertial measurement unit and a pseudo […]