The HMI Lab started in 2012. Dr.Sugar and Dr.Redkar both started the lab with a passion for improving the human condition. From helping amputees run again to keeping fighter pilots cool in the heat of battle our lab is always striving to do bigger and better. Where others see problems we see opportunities and by applying our highly specialized skills we turn those problems into business opportunities.

The bulk of the work done in the HMI Lab is by student workers. Students typically start in there latter years of their bachelor degrees, many apply but few make the cut. Only the most driven students can meet the requirements. Since space is so tight we usually only have about five workers on payroll at a given time. Once a student acquires their undergrad degree the option of continuing to a graduate degree is encouraged. Often times the lab will provide scholarships for these grad students.

The ASU HMI Lab is based on the ASU East Campus, otherwise know as the Polytechnic Campus.  We have 5 axis CNC machines, laser cutters, gantry routers, industrial 3D printers, metal 3D printers, PCB mills, and much more at our disposal. Through an ASU/TechShop relationship we also get free access and classes at the local TechShop, which is where we waterjet parts and powercoat them. You can arrange a tour of our lab though our Contact Page.

For more information on the HMI Team, read our History or Meet the Team.


Here is our lab on an average daylab pics_3

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