The members of our team come from all over but there is a small group of students coming from an unlikely high school that continue to prove themselves. Carl Hayden High School is an intercity school which few would expect much of but that never stop Faridodin Lajvardi, or Ledge for short, from starting one of the most successful robotics teams in the country. The team name is Falcon Robotics Team 842, name after their mascot and the number assigned to them by the FIRST Robotics organization. Eddie, David, and John are benefited from Ledges hard work and dedication to the Robotics team, living proof the that a dedicated teacher can make a profound effect on their students life’s, community, and even the world.

You may know the robotics team as the high school kids that beat MIT in that underwater robotics competition. You may have even seen the move based on that event, if not, what are you waiting for? Here the preview:


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