Meet the Team

Active Members

Dr. Thomas Sugar

Dr. Thomas Sugar works in the areas of human machine integration and wearable robotics for rehabilitation of stroke survivors. He majored in business and mechanical engineering for his Bachelors degrees and mechanical engineering for his Doctoral degree all from the University of Pennsylvania. In industry, he worked as a project engineer for W. L. Gore and Associates. He has been a faculty member in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and the Department of Engineering at Arizona State University. His research focuses on compliant wearable robots using tunable springs and pneumatic muscle actuators.



Dr. Sangram Redkar

Dr. Redkar completed his PhD from Auburn university in 2005. He worked at Archangel system, Auburn from 2005 to 2007. He joined MMET department as an assistant professor in Fall-07. His professional activities include: Member, ASME, Session Co-chair ASME IDETC-2007, , MSNDC-15-1 Applications to Microsystems, Session Sponsor: ASME Technical Committee on Multi-body Systems and Nonlinear Dynamics Sept 4-7, 2007, Las Vegas NV, Reviewer for following international journals: Nonlinear Dynamics, Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, Communications in Nonlinear Science, ASME Journal of Computation and Nonlinear Dynamics, Reviewer for Springer Publishing: review books, book proposals and book chapters for Springer, Consultant: Able Engineering and Component Services, Phoenix, AZ, U-Haul Technical Center, Phoenix, AZ, Archangel Systems Inc, Auburn, AL, Accuwright Industries, Gilbert, AZ, Member of review board-International Association of Journals and Conferences.


This is the largest picture know to exist of Dr.Redkar

Eduardo Fernandez

Eddie concentrates on the design and build of all our projects. Known for working long hours well into the early morning his marathon style of work leads to quick, high quality results. This allows us to run through many revisions before committing to a final design. Eddie has his Mechanical Engineering degree. He is now working on his Master Degree in the same field. He is a full time research technician for the HMI Lab.





Without the work of our alumni we would not be where we are today.


Jason Kerestes

For Jason, every bit of passion for fabricating and metal work is equally matched by a passion for programming, robotics, and automation.  Jason completed his masters thesis for adding energy to the human gait cycle. He is now working on starting his own company.


Chase Wheeler

Chase is in the process of completing his MS in engineering at Arizona State University and is focusing on developing a robotic backpack which decreases the energy required for walking while carrying a load.


John Harris

John plays the role of the Lab’s system integrator. Getting all of these electronics, hardware and software to play together nicely is no small task. He is also the team’s photographer, video productions crew, website administrator, and occasional designer. He’s currently working on his Degree in Product Design Engineering.


Lynne Nethken

Lynne specializes in Matlab, Motion Capture and OpenSim. She’s actually written a book on Matlab. She is currently participating the 4+1 program and only has one year left. She use to work as a dental assistance but deiced engineering was the only way of life for her. She also bakes amazing chocolate chip cookies.



Austin Melancon

Austin is our programming and electrical specialist. He is known as the Ragin’ Cajun for his aggressive work ethic. Austin can go form being totally unfamiliar with a topic to an expert overnight. He is working on his BA in Engineering and will be starting his Master Degree right afterwards. He also does an amazing disappearing act.


David Olivares

When something needs to be manufacture or analysed David is our guy. From the FEA process to having an product in hand David knows every step of the way. Having worked in a machine shop from his early teens he has gained value experience rarely seen in someone so young. David is working on his BA in Manufacturing Engineering.